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Honda CBR 250RR Candidates in Indonesia appeared in Milan

MILAN, KOMPAS.com - the largest motorcycle manufacturers in Japan, Honda will launch eight new models at once, one CBR 250 RR is reportedly going to be marketed in Indonesia next year. Only, the launch was not at home, but at the EICMA exhibition in Milan, this November. Why should it be in Milan?

Italy is a big market for Honda in continental Europe. Incidentally, last year they were absent from prestigious exhibition was due to the financial crisis and this year returned with the latest technology that is exposed through several models anyarnya.

"The choice of Milan as the main event on the European Honda demonstrates our commitment to support the production center in Atessa, Italy and our design house in Rome," said Mark Davies, General Manager of Motorcycles Honda Motor Europe, as reported by autoevolution, yesterday.
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In the exhibition later, the Honda booth utilizing 1,500 square meters. Although not want to mention the models that will be on display and will be announced 2 November mendatang.Tapi, there are leaks if the vehicle will be on display, among others, CBF600, VFR1200F, VFR1200T and may CBR250RR is a mainstay in the sports segment of medium to Europe starting next year .

"We can not elaborate further on whatever, but we make sure the unit on display is a combination of new models and the latest development of models that already exist in the market before," said Harry Cooklin, Communications Manager (Motorcycles) Honda Motor Europe.

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