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Honda HSV-010 GT: Killer Nissan GT-R and Lexus LFA

War of the three largest automobile manufacturers in Japan, namely Toyota, Honda and Nissan, widened to a circuit. Moreover, after introducing the Honda Racing 010 HSV-GT yesterday. Direct Japanese automotive media have labeled the latest cars and sophisticated as a murderer Honda Nissan GT-R and Lexus LFA (Group flagship Toyota).

HSV-010 Gt used Honda NSX instead in the future. Energy source, 3.4-liter engine, V8. This car will be included in the Japan GT Race Series and 500 will make its debut on 20-21 March 2010 at Suzuka circuit, Japan.

He further, this car has to meet regulations. Regulation Super GT Race Series, the car used was a modified version of the production sold to the public. However, other regulations to include exceptions. The car that was planned to be produced (although eventually not be manufactured), also may be included in the race.

Decision Honda HSGV-010 released next year associated with the more passionate and business development of automotive industry in Japan. Once proven, Honda who have withdrawn from F1 end of last year, more and more focused on racing cars can be mass produced or specifically, for example, produced a limited basis. Understandably, more and more racing fans who can use it!


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