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Laptop backlight (CCFL) lamps

Laptop backlight lamps

If your laptop screen will not light up anymore and you are looking for a backlight lamp (CCFL) replacement, take a look at this site. I just found this website via Google and though it might be useful for you.
I hope you understand this warning.

Purchases of backlights are for professionals who now how to fit correctly, if fit by a novice the LCD panel may show lines or blocks of bad data, or hissing noise from badly soldered joints at the lamp connections. Warning high voltage is applied to the CCFL to create light inside the LCD housing.

Here’s my previous post about replacing the backlight lamp in an IBM laptop. This post might be useful too.

I already mentioned it many times before and I’ll repeat it again. If the backlight on your laptop will not turn on (or it flickers and then goes off) but you still can see a very dim image on the screen, most likely this problem is not related to the backlight lamp. From my experience, in most cases this problem is cause by a faulty inverter board (FL inverter) – the board witch supplies power to the backlight lamp. It is much easier and cheaper to replace the inverter board then replacing the backlight lamp, so try it first.

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