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First Netbook with Intel Atom Dual-Core

KOMPAS.com — Indonesian Acer Aspire One launches new netbook, Aspire One D 255, which offers new technology, Intel Atom N550, Dual-Core processor. Netbook offers better performance with the use of a faster processor technology and unlimited information access.

"Aspire One netbook D 255 is the first to use Dual-Core Atom. Developed specifically uses a sleek new design and is equipped with the right color choice for the modern mobile lifestyle," said Riko Gunawan, Brand Manager of Acer PCs, the launch of Aspire One D 255, Monday (30/08/2010) in Jakarta.

Expresses, the latest technology embedded in the Aspire One D255 allows the user to the level of support for applications such as games and Adobe Flash technology to access web pages and multimedia. In addition, with the Intel Atom N550 Dual-Core Processor, this technology allows users to access HD video streaming faster and longer battery life.

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"There are five color options, namely Aquamarine Blue, Ruby Red, Sea Shell White, Sandstone Brown, and Black Diamond," he said.

He explained also, in addition to performing Intel Dual-Core Atom Processor N550, D255 Aspire One that has a size of more than one inch thin, it offers a dual operating system loads, ie with Windows 7 Starter and Android IntantOn. Android operating system offers Internet access and connectivity options are more convenient for those who have high mobility.

"For Windows 7 Starter and Android InstantOn priced USD 3.5 million, while Linux is subject to a price of Rp 3 million."

Added by Jason Lim, President of Acer Group of Indonesia, in equal opportunities Aspire One D 255 became available in the PC market at the same time with the availability of Intel Atom Dual-Core Processor. "This demonstrates Acer's commitment to offer only the latest technology for PC users," he asserted.

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