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It was attended, WD 2TB Hard Disk for Desktop and Enterprise

Whatever capacity data storage device, it's always less. That is why the capacity is always magnified by the manufacturer of your hard drive. Apart from capacity, which is also worth noting is the speed. Understandably, the greater the capacity, need to hurry in order to speed file searches do not make people wait long.

Well if you longing superlega desktop hard drive, look at two new bids from Western Digital (WD) is distributed by Atikom, WPG sistech Kharisma and WPG Indonesia. The first is the WD CAVIAR Black with 2TB capacity, which was claimed to be suitable for enterprise-class hard drives for OEMs. He also was mentioned very good for workstations and gaming purposes. The second is the WD RE4, which is suitable for servers, connected to the network, and has a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) 1.2 million hours. 

Second hard disk - WD CAVIAR Black and RE4 - which was rotating at 7200rpm supported 64MB cache, dual-stage actuator technology, interface SATA 3 gigabit per second (Gb / s) and an integrated dual processor. Both are also protected by a five-year warranty.

"Hard drive WD CAVIAR Black 2 TB maximize the features and functionality of applications, high-powered computing such as gaming, photo editing, multimedia user-generated, and video," said Jim Morris Senior Vice President and general manager, WD client storage systems.

Interested in buying? If yes, please set up fund of U.S. $ 330 for the WD CAVIAR Black 2 TB

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