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Tesla Launches Roadser Right Steering wheel, Faster than a Porsche

Tesla, an electric roadster car manufacturers from the United States expand its market by launching a version of the right wheel. This version is for the first time will be sent to their dealer in London to be tested by potential customers.

He further, this right wheel Roadster completeness better than the American version. Because the interior is coated with a material that can reduce noise, sound system and a better additional to be used as daily transportation and weekends.

The decision is quite menggagetkan Tesla because previously widespread speculation that production will distop Roadster. This is related to Tesla's plan into the stock market to become a public company.

Roadser electrical performance is in line klaimTesla, once the contents of the battery fully able to cover 360 km with 220-volt electrical voltage. A Tesla Roadster owners recently set a world record claim, one battery charge can make the distance 500 km.

Acceleration 0-96 km / hour, 3.7 seconds. The highest speed, 200 kpj, electronically limited. With these capabilities, Tesla became the fastest. Even faster than the Porsche.

The use of energy are also two times more efficient as the Prius. Thus, Tesla hoped, the speedmaniacs who care environment, will choose this electric Roadster. The price offered in the UK - has included incentives tax cuts - £ 86,950 (approximately USD 1.28 billion).
"The model is the right wheel to menangggapi growth in demand from the UK speedmaniacs very interested in who care about the environment," said Cristiano Carlutti, Vice President of Sales and Operations, European Tesla. "Tesla dramatically expand its market in Europe. We want to build a community of Tesla owners and fans of the continent, "added Cristiano.

In London the cost per mile is about 1.5 Roadster penny lower than a conventional sports car that reaches 32 pennies per mile. Another convenience Tesla obtained owner - because no CO2 pollution menimbukan - no need to pay various fees charged by the council kotaLondon.

It is estimated, could save the cost of this car around £ 1,700 each year. All were obtained because of, these cars can be parked with a free and no time restrictions on various parts of London. Can park free for four hours in certain places and exempt from tax showroom to 950 pounds.

Added, this time Tesla had managed to sell 1000 Roadster in 21 countries.

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