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Limiting Hard Disk Capacity

Available hard disk space is where the easy out. Various types of files and folders are likely to continue growing each time, plus the tendency of the file size growing.

In order to save money, you can use quotas feature of Windows. Basically, this feature works to give hard-disk space quota for each user. To use it, the partition must use the NTFS file system. After that, you can right-click the drive you want to set its quota. Then select the tab "Quota". Check "Enable Quota Management" to activate it. Then check also "Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit".

Click the "Quota Entries" to regulate how much quota for each user. How, from this window, simply click the name of the user who wants to be given quotas. Then adjust the desired large quotas. For example, here is set quota of 100MB for the guest account with 80MB warning level. That is, if the guest user account to use more than 100MB space, then the window will pop up a warning that disk space is not enough anymore.

Another advantage of the quota, the label that shows the amount of hard disk space available will change depending on the user's quota. Back to the example above, if the guest user account is open My Computer, then the amount of disk space on the screen is only 100MB. So, as if his hard disk capacity is only 100MB, though it did not for it.

The use of quotas would be very helpful, especially for PCs that are used together. With the division of quotas, there is no longer expected to fight hard disk space quota, which in turn facilitate the administration of the system.

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