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Best Dual Core

Intel's latest processors are dual core CPU with a system equipped with integrated graphics and memory controller. Is Intel managed to keep his promise that the Clarkdale can compete with quad-core CPU? Let's look at these early test results.

Intel comes back with new innovations. This time, the processor Clarkdale. This processor is still using the base as Lynnfield Nehalem. However, Clarkdale plans will be offered at affordable prices. In short, this is the processor that will be the successor generation of Core 2 in middle-class to lower prices. In this article, CHIP Clarkdale test two processors: Core I5 661 (3.33 GHz) and Core I3 540 (3.06 GHz).

The fundamental difference of the two processors are located in turbo boost. I5 Core series has a turbo 6 was boosted, while the Core I3 was not possess. Both processors are equipped with hyper-threading. This makes her look like a quad-core processor in the Windows Task Manager.

As has been previously disclosed, Clarkdale has integrated graphics system. VGA is guaranteed to have a higher capacity than the G45. Although the processor fabrication Clarkdale using 32 nm, the VGA is still using a 45 nm fabrication.
The existence of the integrated VGA make Clarkdale require special motherboards to take advantage of graphics systems. For that, Intel chipset provides H55/H57. With an HDMI port available you can directly obtain the data stream digital video and sound directly from the processor.

Because of Clarkdale is still using the socket 1156, the processor automatically tested CHIP can also be used on the P55 board. However, you will not be able to take advantage of graphics systems.