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MV Agusta F3

ITALY, KOMPAS.com - MV Agusta show their sportsbike, F3, for the middle segment in the form of images. Workmanship takes many years, ranging from design to development. This process is long because the Italian motorcycle manufacturer wanted to show a reputation as a two-wheeler maker of the most beautiful and prestigious high.

Problem machines, had rumored that the 675 cc capacity, but in fact 600 cc. In the meantime, if you paid attention, taillights, wheels, and the front is very similar to the MV Agusta F4 2010.

Only, larger front brake calipers with the model inverted fork (upside down). GP model hidden exhaust single swing arm and rear wheels.

Launch has been delayed because its ownership was still under the banner of Harley Davidson. American motorcycle company that intends to sell it. In the meantime, the control back in the hands of Claudio Castiglioni, the original owner.
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For lovers of motor sport, the MV Agusta F3 can be seen in the actor s EICMA in Milan, Italy, November.

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