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Ben-q: Astonishing Beauty, the V Series

The Leading Choice in LED Monitors

For the best LED-backlit monitors, BenQ is the go-to brand. Drawing on its cutting-edge LED technology, BenQ has created the world’s slimmest models with its super-energy-efficient V Series*. Sleekly styled and delivering extraordinary picture quality, the V Series* offers a full range of screen sizes—from 18.5” to 24”—to accommodate varied user needs and preferences. The choice is yours, and the choices are truly great.

Internationally Recognized Design Excellence
Winner of an iF Product Design Award for 2010, the V Series* achieves a rare balance between the cutting edge and the classic.

Inspired by the lustrous polish of lacquerware, these monitors feature a glossy sheen that produces an intriguing mosaic of reflections. Smooth contours and clean lines start with a gracefully sculpted circular base accented by a silver ring.

This base is connected to the body by a slender neck that further evinces elegant craftsmanship, while the sleekness of the design is shown by a display housing that measures a mere 15 millimeters in depth.

Even the back of these monitors is exquisite, with an immaculately smooth surface unmarred by cooling vents—not needed due to the LED backlight’s extremely low power consumption. That energy efficiency makes the V Series* environmentally friendly, as does the fact that their glorious finish is achieved without the use of polluting paints.

*The V series, represents V920/V920P/V2220/V2220H/V2


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