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World's Leading Expert in LED Monitors

BenQ – the world's leading LED monitor brand – invites you to witness the splendid beauty of this world with its all new LED monitors. The BenQ LED monitors are built with revolutionary LED backlight technology to offer only the best picture quality for your personal visual enjoyment. With a full lineup of the BenQ LED monitors to complement your personal lifestyle, things are certainly lookin' great!

BenQ LED Monitors
Slim and Energy-Efficient with Brighter Picture Performance
Stylish and Slim Design that Fits You Perfectly
Built with the latest LED backlight technology to create an ultra-slim, elegant shape, the BenQ LED monitors add modern sophistication to your living space.
Ultra High Dynamic Contrast for Depth and Definition
The BenQ LED monitors come with an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 to add color depth and definition to darkened and complex visuals, so that everything you see – from the brightest white to the darkest black – is perfectly rendered to deliver the most incredible picture performance.
Splendid Color Presentation in Every Little Detail
With the help of LED backlight technology and its capability to promptly address the lighting changes, every image detail is perfectly rendered with optimized color and brightness performance without light leakage even in darkened scenes. This is especially true for the black and yellow color gamut.
Performance-Steady Right at Start
The BenQ LED monitors are backlit by performance-steady LEDs to give you the most stable brightness and flicker-free settings. Their instant-on capability boosts operational efficiency, keeping everything is picture-ready from the moment you turn on your screen.
Energy Efficient and Money Saving
With global warming worsening, it's even more important to cut down CO2 emissions! The BenQ LED monitors can reduce power consumption by 36% in comparison to traditional monitors, saving you energy as well as money.
Mercury-Free for Extended Use and Waste Reduction
LED panels are mercury-free – which means they won't pollute the water during manufacturing or recycling process. Since LEDs are known for their durability, this monitor is practically maintenance-free.
BenQ Senseye® Human Vision Technology
With 6 Proprietary Techniques to Calibrate a Perfect Picture.
Thanks to Senseye® Technology and its six proprietary calibration techniques, the BenQ LED monitors now display the truest colors via the five pre-set modes – Standard, Movie, Game, Photo, sRGB. You can get the best viewing quality fitting to your everyday needs. What's more, addition of Eco Mode helps to save on your total power consumption.
Comfortable Clear
Brightness is carefully calibrated for optimal viewing

Well-enhanced sharpness defines edges and adds detail

Detailed Clean
Dynamically adjusted contrast and backlighting add depth and dimension Noise reduction eliminates visual noise around borders
Brilliant Balanced
Independent color management purifies every hue BenQ's proprietary algorithm optimizes the perfect picture quality
A Clearer View of a Cleaner World
BenQ V2200/V2400 Eco LED Monitor
Built with an LED backlight panel to create the 2.1cm slim and elegant shape, the BenQ V2200/V2400 Eco unveils the natural beauty of this world with revolutionary Full HD 1080p 16:9 picture quality and honors it with its eco-friendly design – from its pristine white shell free of coating chemicals to the multi-function round holder placed into its signature asymmetrical base stand to serve as a handy spot for small keepsakes or mini plant pot. So go ahead and enjoy the crisp clear view with the BenQ V2200/V2400 Eco LED monitor! A cleaner, greener world is just around the corner!

A Clearer View
2.1cm Ultra Slim Elegance
The V2200/V2400 Eco comes in a 2.1cm ultra-slim design that's 14.6% lighter than its original weight. Although coating-free, this monitor is dressed in a beautifully textured cover to keep your living space simple yet beautiful.
Outstanding LED Color Presentation
BenQ LED monitors evenly distribute brightness to render the most splendid colors for your personal enjoyment.
Full HD 1080p Ultra-High Resolution
Enjoy cinema-class image quality with ultra-high Full HD 1080p resolution (1920x1080), you can see each image in its full magnificent detail, making your viewing experience even more absorbing.
5,000,000:1 Ultra-High Dynamic Contrast Ratio
BenQ brings picture performance to a new height, defining and refining every little detail with an ultra-high 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.
Senseye® Technology
The BenQ Senseye® Technology brings truly splendid colors to your eyes through its six proprietary designed calibration techniques and displays them via its 6 pre-set modes – Standard, Movie, Game, Photo, sRGB, and Eco – with the Eco Mode especially designed to save power and money.
16:9 Visual Perfection
A 16:9 picture gives you true-to-life HD images that match 100% dot-to-dot your content.
HDMI 1.3 Multimedia Entertainment
With the newest version of multiple multimedia interface cable – HDMI 1.3, you get to enjoy a whole lot of multimedia fun at a much higher, smoother data transfer speed and with a much better picture quality.
A Cleaner World
Save Energy and Money
‧Energy-efficient LED panels are used to reduce power consumption by 36%*.
‧With the Eco Mode on, another 30% of energy can be saved.
*In comparison to the last generation model – E2400HD
Save the Forest with Green Packing
‧Recycled paper is used for 80% of packing to save trees. 
‧With LED panels, monitors are made thinner to reduce packing materials and increase cargo room by 56%*.
*In comparison to the last generation model – E2400HD
Protect Water Resources
‧Mercury-free LED panels are used to make the monitors, so water resources can be kept clean and pure.
Reduce Waste Impact on Earth
‧The monitors are made coating-free and 100% recyclable.
‧28% of the monitor frame is made of recycled plastics to save Earth's resources.
‧Soybean ink is used for all printing to improve the recyclability of the printed materials produced, saving 70%
on ink usage.


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