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Trends in super-thin notebook and a super exclusive kept echoed by the vendor on this one. Adamo begins with the whole body is formed from aluminum sheet and valuable piece 2500 U.S. dollars, were about ready for the next generation is also presented in the country, Adamo XPS.XPS Adamo is also super thin. Thickness is only 9.99 mm so that it can put into a brown envelope. However, 13.4-inch screen remains WLED 720p HD. Panel keyboard relief or full-size.Secret thinness Adamo XPS weighing 1.44 kg was-as in the previous Adamo, among others, lies in the use of Intel ULV processor, the Core 2 Duo 1.4 GHz. Another is due to the use of solid state disk (SSD) 128 GB, not the hard disk, as data storage.In addition to thin, Adamo XPS is also unique in the way of opening the notebook. This one requires that you ran a finger into the top of the casing. LED light turns blue and automatic casing lifted up, and you can open wider.Another difference, said Willy Hendrajudo as Marketing Manager, Consumer, Dell Indonesia, located on the battery. "The XPS Adamo, Li-ion battery can be removed, whereas in previous Adamo because the batteries can not be planted, the internal. This is also due to the XPS keyboard designed to open slightly up when the notebook is used. If planted, then it will block up the battery position because it was a rather prominent. "


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