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Beautiful Touch Screen Notebook from HP

Pamor Tablet PC is not as good as any other portable PC products. Until now, the products notebooks and netbooks are still more selling in the market. Not daunted by the fact that there is, HP launched a Tablet PC HP TouchSmart tm2 named . HP exhibit their latest products at the CES show currently taking place in Las Vegas.

TouchSmart Tm2 wrapped with Aluminum casing. Surface casing was given a carving products "Riptide", making tm2 TouchSmart looks pretty. Tm2 weigh from 2.18 kg.

Like most Tablet PCs, equipped with a TouchSmart tm2 touchscreen. HP chose to use for 12.1-inch screen equipped with a digital pen to facilitate the use of tm2. If the user has started to lazy to use a digital pen, they can immediately use the touch of a finger. Tm2 was supported multitouch feature that allows users to perform zooming, scrolling, to play the window using more than one finger. Multitouch capabilities make tm2 can receive more than one finger as the input simultaneously.

When the position was changed to a flat line, tm2 sketch turned into a board with a digital pen. This feature will be useful for users who want to do graffiti quickly or want to draw directly on the PC.

With Intel ® Core ™ 2 Duo low-voltage latest, make quite sure that HP will tm2 endurance. They claim that tm2 can live up to 9 hours by relying on batteries. As for graphics cards, they provide an upgrade option ATI Mobility Radeon ™ discrete graphics upgrades. These include the fingerprint reader and an advanced thermal design.

HP TouchSmart tm2 will be available in Asia Pacific starting January 17, 2010 with prices starting from U.S. $ 949.99.


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