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Ducati Multistrada 1200 Sign in June

PT Supermoto Indonesia, as the official marketing agent Ducati motorcycles in Indonesia immediately bringing new products Multistrada 1200. This motor price Rp425 million-475 million on the road in Jakarta.

"To start we will input the five units, four already have a message, so only one will make in the display. This is truly a new motor in there (Italy). Produced in March, most likely it here (Indonesia) in June," said President U.S. director Nugroho Ducati Indonesia in Jakarta, Sunday (10/1/10).

Nugroho added, Multistrada 1200 is more sophisticated than the previous product with new features. One of them, four choices of sport driving mode, turing, ENDURO, and urban. Ducati Multistrada 1200 engine will carry a capacity of 1198.4 cc four steps with a maximum power of 150 dk 9520 rpm and maximum torque 12.1 kgm at 7.500rpm.

"So stay push buttons only as needed, all will affect the power to adjust torque and speed, depending on the choice of mode berkendaranya. Sampe flight could be 285 km / hour," said Nugroho.

Ducati Indonesia will also bring two other new products of 1198 and Hypermotard R 796. But, not yet certain when the entry. Meanwhile, throughout 2010, Ducati Indonesia sales target pairs only 20 units.

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Muchlisin said...

Motor yang keren. Salam ukhuwah

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Trustco Gresik said...

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oviey said...

motor nya keren!!!
pengen euy,, tapi g ada duit!!! :)

RifkyMedia™ said...

caem bener tuh motor !!

Otong said...

Gokil bro.. aku pesen satu ah tu motor.. hahha

blogspot said...

indonesia mbok siji gak ono sing tuku.....

Hartini Azzahra said...

Beli motor ducati dpt casey stoner ga hehehehehe

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