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usb 2.0

The usb flash drive is a flash memory data storage device synchronized with the help of usb interface . The usb falsh drive act as removable and rewritable drive which is quite small in size compared to floppy disk. Some of the usb flash drive weighs less than even an ounce. The storage capacities of usb flash drive varies between 64MB to 256 GB along with changes in sizes and cost per capacity.

The usb flash drive is quite advantageous than any other portable storage devices especially the floppy disk. The shape of the usb flash drive is compact, operate faster and hold large data. It has a durable design and functions more reliably because of not having moving parts. One sees usb flash drive commonly found in the computer where floppy disk drive has no place. Now it has become the mainstream device for every pc and laptop. Such different drives have the usage of usb mass storage standard backed mainly by modern operating systems like windows, mac os x , linux, and many unix-like systems. In the usb flash drive there is nothing like moving. We use the word drive because the computer reads and writes the flash drive data by applying the same systematic commands which are used in mechanical disk drive.

The usb flash drive carrying usb 2.0 backing functions more faster than the optical disc drive when data is stored in large amount in a limited space. The usb flash drive contains small printed circuit board kept safely in a plastic, metal, and rubberized case. Latest usb flash drive carries usb 2.0 connectivity. The fastest usb flash drive available in the market is using dual channel controller. One should go through the technicalities of usb flash drive before purchasing it such as speed , connectivity, compatibility, and also transferring rate. Recent usb flash drive is using a standard type-A USB connection which permits plugging in a particular port on the computer . But drives are also available for various interfaces in the market.

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