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Google TV from Sony

SAN FRANCISCO, KOMPAS.com - Starting Saturday (10/16/2010), Sony will begin selling a new LCD television equipped with Google TV service to access video services and web-based broadcast. LCD television range 24 to 46 inches sail exhibited in New York, USA, on Tuesday (10/12/2010).
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Television combined with Internet service is not new, however, be special because it combined with Google's special services designed to bring the internet in the living room like broadcast TV.

In it has been equipped with CPU (central processing unit) with an Intel Atom processor and work with the Android operating system. To access the web browser is available sitsu chome. Diancang other software to access television programs on the internet, broadcast schedule, even the content of satellite broadcasts.

"Finally, you can easily find your favorite television program and website on the same screen, and at the same time," said Mike Abary, senior vice president of Sony Corp. 'home division.

Rates are priced for LCD televisions are more expensive, between 200-400 U.S. dollars more expensive than standard LCD television. However, package the products have been added a special wireless QWERTY keyboard to navigate the Google TV, to type on the screen, or perform various commands. On the occasion also mmeperkenalkan Sony Blu-ray Disc Player for $ 400 U.S. dollars new.

Google TV is that Google launched a new terbosoan by cooperating with Sony and Logitech International SA. Previously, Logitech has launched the first device to create a Google TV set top boxes are equipped with these services and may ditambahakn on standard television. Set top box that can be ordered with the price of 300 U.S. dollars. Well, for consumers who do not feel the need to buy a new LCD with Google TV, set top box is a solution.

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