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Sketches New Suzuki GSX 600/750

Hamamatsu, KOMPAS.com - After removing picture GSR750 naked bike sketch to the internet, now turn to another variant of GSX600/750 published by Suzuki. Last Moge is a type of full-fairing (fully closed). The launch will be done next year.

Suzuki targeting middle-market segment of motorcycle sport in Europe, after a rival, such as Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha, first make a breakthrough.

Compared to previous versions, this model is just different in appearance, the two main lights (headlight), is now smaller and four air holes (air intake). Also, Suzuki informed berusahaan also reduce weight and increase engine power.
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Moge is offered with two engine options, 600cc and 750cc. But, the new Suzuki released a sketch. No information, whether it looks like the original sketches of the two models.

Moge graphic design is similar to the GSX-R1000 2009 production created by designer Shigeru Uchiyama. Incidentally, this new model created by the same person.

GSX600/750 Suzuki will make its debut at Cologne's Intermot motorcycle exhibition, 5 October. Both models complement the range GSR750 and is expected to strengthen the position of Suzuki

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