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NVIDIA Launches LG Smartphone

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - the world's third largest mobile phone manufacturer, LG Electronics on Tuesday (7 / 9) announced they will launch a new smartphone with NVIDIA Tegra processors 2.

This new LG smartphone processor uses the second generation of NVIDIA Tegra mobile, Tegra 2 and will be launched in quarter four 2010. "LG will integrate the two into the Tegra this smartphone which will make it have the power, speed and amazing graphics capabilities," said the release of this company.

Tegra 2 refer to the NVIDIA mobile processor with dual-core CPU that can execute complex tasks and generate significant leap in performance, added the company.
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The new model will be launched this will be a part of Optimus LG series, a series of innovative products of this company. "LG is committed to making Optimus Series devices become the standard speed and graphics performance," said Chang Ma, Vice President of Marketing Strategy Team LG.

"We chose NVIDIA for NVIDIA's visual computing is a leader and has a long history of creating great customer experience," he added. Optimus Series Smartphone LG with two NVIDIA Tegra mobile processors is scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter of this year.

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