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Kawasaki Ninja ZZR Sign in June 2010

To strengthen the image as a player motor sport, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) will increase the range of products in those segments. ATPM Kawasaki motorcycles in Indonesia, it will brought ZZR Ninja (ZX-6E) to the national motorcycle market in June 2010.

Freddyanto Basuki, National Sales Manager of IMA, said that currently the last evaluation was done ATPM against regulations. Particularly on the planned increase of Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM) which started effectively in 2010.

"All of us are still calculated. We could bring in February. But when April, then later PPnBM gone up. Poor consumers. At least we will input first with CBU from Thailand or Japan. June-July it was," said Freddy

According to him, with the calculation of various taxes including the implementation of a maximum 75 percent PPnBM, Ninja ZZR selling price will touch USD 200 million per unit. One reason for this product include ATPM is the demand of the drivers who participated in the national arena with the Supersport 600cc machine up.

"Maybe now be USD 200 million, but if PPnBM gone up, it would increase the price later. For that, we should be first," said Freddy. Bringing about the original plan and Ninja ZZR-R ER6 local assembly (CKD), according to Freddy it still pursued. One of the obstacles that must be resolved related to tax laws in Indonesia that many revised.

"Everything is going according to plan. Both products were in Thailand had CKD and Boyong to stay here. But, yes it was, to see the tax first. For our initial CBU ZZR enter first. After that, following the ER6-R," lid Freddy .


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