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What is Linux Mint?

The world of personal computers is wide and varied, but many casual users are familiar only with the operating system that arrives already installed on their machines. Many people who purchase a personal computer are apt to use only that operating system, which is the collection of software that runs the computer's systems. Increasingly, consumers are becoming aware of other options that are available to run their computers, like the Linux operating system. Linux is a free, or open source, user-driven operating system that works on nearly all personal computers.

Linux, like other operating systems, has different versions available. One of the newest Linux systems is Linux Mint. Linux Mint is a version of Linux that strives to become easy to use for the average person. Unlike other Linux releases, such as Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora, Linux Mint has no set release dates for updated versions, but instead pushes quality over timely releases. Because updates are primarily overseen by users of the system, there are several different releases of Linux Mint, featuring several different software suites.

As a newer operating system, Linux Mint has releases that work on newer 64 bit processors. In the past, most personal computers ran on 32 bit processors; however, as hardware technology grows, software must change to keep up with it. Popular operating systems, like Windows Vista™, are 64 bit and provide a more intense and graphic interface than previous 32 bit operating systems. Linux Mint is also compatible with another Linux release, Ubuntu. This allows the operating systems to share components such as software and system files.

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